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Lady Dimitrescu Resident Evil Village 3.5 Inch Enamel Pin

made by AndVengeanceForAll

Design: Susan Vengeance

Released on October 2021

Size: 3.5 in tall

Tags : Resident Evil, Lady Dimitrescu,

Original price: 60 USD

3.5 inches in height with sandblasted and translucent claws, full screen printed face, and pearlescent swirled pearls and unswirled pearl for her jewelry. Also features a custom backstamp with the edition marked on the back plus three rubber clutches. This pin does not come on a backing card due to its size and weight.

A Grade for this pin means minimal flaws that are barely noticeable to the eye.

B Grade for this pin means minimal, yet possibly more noticeable flaws to a trained eye.

C Grade for this pin means minimal yet more obvious flaws to the average eye.

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