Welcome to the bootleg world




Why erotic pins?

Because why not lol

Are those pins legal?

I'm sure most aren't because copyright infringement lol.
But i'm not a lawyer and nobody cares

Can I add a non-erotic pin?

Sure why not

I'm a pin maker, can I put links to my store?

Yes, you can put it in the description.
I disabled direct links to avoid scam, spam and shady links, but you can still put your links to your socials/stores here so the visitors can find you.

I'm an artist and someone here stole my art to make a pin! :(

Pin maker's name are usually mentioned here. Try to reach them for money, insults or whatever.
Don't forget to update the pin description (so people can know it's a stolen design) and add yourself in the "artist" field.

How can I contact you?

You can send a mail at nn5zzwn3zwlp2yvpxps72@cocaine.ninja.

Legal terms

Blah blah blah this amateur site is managed and hosted by an human somewhere on the planet earth.

The only cookie present on this site is for the captcha of the pin form and won't even show up until you open the form.

I don't steal or sell personal info, it's not my business (btw remove the EXIF data from the photos you upload because I dont).

For anything else, send a mail