Welcome to the bootleg world




Why erotic pins?

Because why not lol

Are those pins legal?

Well actually most of them aren't because:
  • Fan-arts and parody are technically a copyright infringement in most countries
  • Especially if you make physical goodies and sell them
  • Also if a pin maker made it without the consent of the artist who drew the parody that's another layer of illegality

But I don't care. Nobody cares. And I don't sell them.
There also fair use laws and stuff but nobody cares either, and I don't think those pins fall into those laws.

Can I add a non-erotic pin?

Sure why not

I'm a pin maker, can I put links to my store?

Yes, you can put it in the description.
I disabled direct links because I don't want this place to be a marketplace and I know scam seller exists, but you can still put your links to your socials/stores here so the visitors can find you.

I'm an artist and someone here stole my art to make a pin! :(

Pin maker's name are usually mentioned here. Try to reach them for money, insults or whatever.
Don't forget to update the pin description (so people can know it's a stolen design) and add yourself in the "artist" field.

How can I contact you?

You can send a mail at nn5zzwn3zwlp2yvpxps72@cocaine.ninja.

What about RGPD compliance and stuff?

I'm compliant by default because I don't track you. Everyone should do the same.

Do you accept donation?

It's not needed, the hosting charges is cheap as fuck